Report from Stockholm Dialogue Event

We had a great event last week, with researchers, investors, impact investors, SDG activists, a bank and a wide range of other stakeholder types represented. The aim was to share the journey that we at Re Equity Partners have taken over the last four years from the idea to create a fund to invest in regeneration and peace to the investment framework we have today.

We from the Re Equity partners team presented the things we had learnt along the way and invited attendees to discuss their own views around what we had found.

We were not sure if the format would work – people want information and maybe they just wanted to listen. Our learning is more that perception is probably 95% of understanding what we have to do to create a physical world that supports life, supports people and offers a future to coming generations. So you need really to discuss it from a wide perspective in order to really form an understanding of it.

Enjoyable and interesting seminar with a qualified audience

Henrik Hansson Professor at Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University and Sciproprojects.

Anyway, judging from how animated the conversations were, people had a good time and we left wanting to host more investment dialogues.

See the annotated version of the presentation here.

Do contact us if you would like to host a similar event in your city!

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