Save the Date: Day of Peace Waves of Change in Croydon, London

Peace Partners in association with Youth Futures and the Tutu Foundation UK are celebrating the United Nations International Day of Peace on Saturday 21st September with the next in its series of ‘Waves of Change’ events. 
The aim of this special event is to help make peace a possibility at the national, community and individual level.

Speakers will will share the work they are doing in partnership with communities and organisations around Croydon and South London, and aims to inspire new initiatives and forge new partnerships that will continue to make peace possible.

The day will be in two parts. You can attend the morning session, the afternoon session or the whole day.
Please save the date in your diaries for what promises to be an engaging and inspiring day. Event details will follow shortly.

The Waves of Change forum ‘Peace Gangs and Conflict Resolution’ at the Croydon Festival of Peace last June focussed on peace education:

Green the desert and usher in peace. The possibilities are enormous.

A group based in the Netherlands, called The Weather Makers, are rolling out an ambitious plan to turn the Sinai desert green. Apart from stabilising weather in the region and possibly an even wider area, the initiative hopes to bring livelihoods to the area, reducing the risk of conflicts among the troubled people who live in the area. The project literally has biblical proportions as it is the site of what ancient scripts refer to as the land of milk and honey.

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On International Womens’ Day – Swedish Writer Elin Wägner

Today we celebrate and appreciate Elin Wägner, peace activist, author and suffragette who promoted peace on earth, peace with the earth and peace with ourselves. Toward the end of her writing career, Elin Wägner also became more involved in matters relating to the environment. At the end of Väckarklocka, 1941, possibly her most influential book, she lists the basic needs of humanity, such as clean water and unpolluted air and soil. Väckarklocka can be classified as an eco-feminist work long before such a concept even existed. Elin Wägner’s environmental concerns predate Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring from 1963 and also permeate her concept book Peace with the Earth Fred med jorden, 1940. Continue reading