The mathematics of the extractive economy

If business as a discipline is to develop away from extractive practices we need to develop a mathematical language to help economists and policy makers model alternative approaches. Modelling – using both standard business calculations and simulation tools like those developed by Steve Keen – can help decision making at the level of the individual firm and policy level. We propose that adaptations of the Cobb-Douglas Equation can be used to help those doing macro-economic modelling of the sustainable economy. We hope this article contributes to knowledge.

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Practicing Peace Dojos


Co-found of the Art of Hosting, Toke Moeller, has been developing what he calls Practicing Peace Dojos.

In Japanese, dojo means, “place of the Way” and place for two activities:  a training ground for learning specific techniques of an art and as an arena for individual self realization and growth.

The Peace Dojos promise to be a powerful tool in promoting peace around the world and helping people connect their desire for peace with their actions.

The Peace Dojo builds on the Art of Hosting which is presented in this video.

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Peace Cafés

The town that found a cure

Writing in the Guardian, George Monbiot describes how the Somerset town of Frome saw a dramatic fall in emergency hospital admissions since it began a collective project to combat isolation. The case offers lessons for us all how we can contribute to creating a culture of peace.

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The case has attracted the attention of the health services, as explained in this report. (pdf)

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We felt that the main reason for Environmental Fiscal Reform was to bring about peace, and that the weak signals we were following were all pointing in one direction: we need peace.

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