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Today is #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving to support nonprofits who are changing our world for the better.

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WAFA’s global awards platform has, for over ten years, been celebrating truly sustainable innovations of silent heroes everywhere. Bringing to the worlds’s attention and acknowledging people, often with very little means, who develop solutions to hunger and air pollution that are proven in practice.

Save the Date: Day of Peace Waves of Change in Croydon, London

Peace Partners in association with Youth Futures and the Tutu Foundation UK are celebrating the United Nations International Day of Peace on Saturday 21st September with the next in its series of ‘Waves of Change’ events. 
The aim of this special event is to help make peace a possibility at the national, community and individual level.

Speakers will will share the work they are doing in partnership with communities and organisations around Croydon and South London, and aims to inspire new initiatives and forge new partnerships that will continue to make peace possible.

The day will be in two parts. You can attend the morning session, the afternoon session or the whole day.
Please save the date in your diaries for what promises to be an engaging and inspiring day. Event details will follow shortly.

The Waves of Change forum ‘Peace Gangs and Conflict Resolution’ at the Croydon Festival of Peace last June focussed on peace education:

The mathematics of the extractive economy

If business as a discipline is to develop away from extractive practices we need to develop a mathematical language to help economists and policy makers model alternative approaches. Modelling – using both standard business calculations and simulation tools like those developed by Steve Keen – can help decision making at the level of the individual firm and policy level. We propose that adaptations of the Cobb-Douglas Equation can be used to help those doing macro-economic modelling of the sustainable economy. We hope this article contributes to knowledge.

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Peace Invest Newsletter is now combining the insights of Signals of Change with Environmental Fiscal Reform and other news on Peace.

We felt that the main reason for Environmental Fiscal Reform was to bring about peace, and that the weak signals we were following were all pointing in one direction: we need peace.

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We  get into conflict. It is natural. When we create conflict or end up in conflict, it is because we, humanity, have the capability for conflict. On the other hand, we also have the capability to resolve the conflict. Conflict is the end result of a process. It must be possible to reverse that process  – and go from conflict back to peace. For everything begins with peace. It’s from peace we come and it’s towards peace we want to go. It is in our nature. Our natural state is peace. Continue reading

A Business Plan for Peace

Scilla Elworthy has written a book for all those who want to step out of helplessness and apply their own personal skills to do something about the challenges now facing us. Scilla Elworthy has written the first ever business plan for peace, based on 40 years of pioneering initiatives in the transformation of conflict. Detailing 25 viable methods on international, national and local levels, the book demonstrates that war can be prevented worldwide over a period of 10 years for less than 2 billion dollars. The final chapters present the kind of actions that anyone can take: 10 that can be undertaken locally, 14 nationally and 7 actions to take internationally.


The Nitrate Time Bomb

The BBC writes that a report from the British Geological Survey says nitrogen stored in the ground beneath us could have severe global-scale consequences for rivers, water supplies, human health and the economy.

The nitrate will be released from the rocks into rivers via springs causing toxic algal blooms and fish deaths.

The report underlines the stark message of the 2015 publication of the Stockholm Environmental Institute, that almost half of the processes that are crucial to maintaining the stability of the planet have become dangerously compromised by human activity. One of these processes is the nitrogen cycle.

Researchers are calling for better policies on management of nitrogen.