Peace Story: finding peace in prison

TIME AND PLACE: USA, Georgia, 2014

THE PEOPLE INVOLVED: Former Prison Inmate, Sean Walker

BACKGROUND: In 1993 Sean committed the most horrific act imaginable. He took the life of another human being.  Not only did he destroy a life, the lives of the victim’s family members, and the lives of his own family members, but he also destroyed his own. He spent 21 years in prison for murder, Sean Walker was released in 2014.

WHAT HAPPENED:  Whilst in prison, he started to look for answers. How could he have allowed himself to get to the point where he  believed it was okay to commit this crime? He began with God.

He looked for the word “peace” in his spiritual search. He discovered that the operative word that the Hindus search for is “peace,” that Jesus greeted his disciples with “peace” after he was resurrected and before he ascended. Jerusalem is the “city of peace.” And not only does every Muslim greet each other with a phrase that means “peace be upon you,” but the Arabic root word for Islam is “peace.”

When he was introduced to the Peace Education Program he realized he was looking for peace in all the wrong areas. He was looking everywhere but inside of himself. Prem Rawat’s teachings told him that real peace was inside. And this is where the journey starts.

He started looking inward and hasn’t stopped. After he was released from prison, the lessons of peace in the program were so powerful that he wanted to share  with my brothers who were still incarcerated—the ones who hadn’t yet been introduced to the peace that laid dormant inside of them.

Today he is a facilitator of the Peace Education Program. He works to spread this message to as many people as he can.