Peace Cafes

Peace Cafés are events run in the style of World Café ( there may or may not be refreshments involved) with a focus on the four aspects of peace as promoted by Invest in Peace. We take much of our inspiration for methodology from the Art of Hosting.


The main purpose of the cafés is to offer a event with a low threshold to joining in  that brings people and organisations together around the theme of Peace.

The main objectives are to provide a space where

  • People can explore the meaning of peace – the peace that resides within – in their own lives
  • People can network and find ways to support and cooperate with each other toward building a culture of peace.
  • Organisations working with peace can offer inspiration and insights

In this way we hope that more people are inspired, equipped and able to do more for peace.

Characteristics of Peace Cafés

Peace cafés are spaces that reside outside problem-solving. They are more focussed on tuning in to appreciation and longing.

Peace cafes are holistic in that they cover peace in its widest meaning, and they are flexible, possibly choosing to concentrate on one aspect deeply or several in a holistic way.

We envisage Peace Cafés as being local, rooted in the local situation and being  somewhat regular. The Peace Bank members will get a chance to present themselves to local residents and invite them to their events or arrange new events with them.

We want to set the cafés up in a way that the “magic can happen” and feelings of peace can emerge.


Here are some ideas we have been working on for café themes:

  • Presenting local organisations working with Peace (e.g. harvesting current initiatives)
  • Exploring the four aspects of peace or one of the aspects with a Peace Bank member.
  • Celebrating what is good and common as a good place to start.
  • Expressions of what is concerning and calling individuals to discuss with others who share the same concern (using the open space approach)
  • Sharing groups
  • Reflection groups

Own calling is important: each participant is encouraged to express their calling.

If you would like to explore running a Peace Cafe where you live please contact us.

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