We  get into conflict. It is natural. When we create conflict or end up in conflict, it is because we, humanity, have the capability for conflict. On the other hand, we also have the capability to resolve the conflict. Conflict is the end result of a process. It must be possible to reverse that process  – and go from conflict back to peace. For everything begins with peace. It’s from peace we come and it’s towards peace we want to go. It is in our nature. Our natural state is peace.

As we possess the capability for conflict, so do we possess the capability for peace. We can do terrible things and we can refrain from doing them. And we can ask forgiveness. We can accuse and we can come to reconciliation. We can ignore and we can listen. We can go from not understanding to understanding.

To get in touch with this capability, we first need to find the silence that exists beyond thoughts and feelings. There, in the silence,  is a longing for peace. Based on this longing we can find our way. And find who we truly are.

Accept that we live in a world where conflict is the norm

Our society vibrates at  frequency of  conflict. This has gone on so long it almost feels normal. So peace feels abnormal. In the silence and longing for peace we can come to accept that we, humanity, have come so far away from our nature that this lack of peace feels normal.

Accept that peace is our nature

We can accept that we seek a good reality. We can accept that we possess the ability to reverse the process. We can create a culture of peace because it is against our nature to want to stay in the state we are today. The ability to create a culture of peace is God-given – as is our nature to long for peace.

Accept that we have the capability to create a culture of peace

Today we can take a small step by naming how we feel and how we see the situation by formulating the longing for peace and the will for  reconciliation and forgiveness. We can begin to look for ways to create processes that bring us back to peace. Let us co-create a culture of peace that harmonizes with the great mystery that exists within us – our humanity. We are all beholden to start living for this new story. To make real our longing for a good reality.


Photo Credit:

Maj-Lis Koivisto

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