Peace Promotor: Peace Partners


Name:  Peace Partners

Type:  Registered UK charity Peace Partners Logo

Mission Statement: Peace Partners aims to raise public awareness, improve knowledge and expertise, and develop sustainable solutions to the global challenge of meeting the fundamental human needs of clean air and water, nutritious food and individual peace.

Peace-promoting activities:   Partnership with and support to p the unique, innovative programmes of The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF), who are helping to assist people most in need, worldwide. Support of the Peace Education Programme in community and prison contexts throughout the UK.

Peace Bank Status: Registered, unverified.
Disclaimer: information on unverified entries has been collated by Invest In Peace from public sources and has not been verified by the organisation. Learn more about status here.

Short description:

Peace Partners are a group of volunteers from diverse backgrounds united by a desire to take action to promote sustainable solutions for human prosperity with due regard for the environment and all those who share its limited resources with us.

How Peace Partners fulfill their aims


Message of Peace – through financial support and raising awareness, hosting events and promotion.
Peace Education Programme – through offering financial support, collaboration and raising awareness.



Food For People through financial support and raising awareness about the benefits of basic hygiene skills and agriculture techniques.

Addressing humanitarian crises through providing financial support.


Building partnerships with like-minded individuals, organisations and groups, involved in similar purpose – offering support, connection, collaboration and networking.