Recorded Webinar- introducing our Peace Bank


Date: 22 February 2018
Time: 20:00 -21:00 CET
Host: Invest in Peace
Theme: Introducing the Peace Bank network
Objectives: To share in depth the opportunities that the network offers for you and your organisation
Replay: Follow this link

As we see it, what people really want is peace. Peace, not as absence of war, but as the harmony that comes from within when given a chance. Many organisations are working from their perspective to foster peace. We believe we can do more if we cooperate. This webinar  shares the latest progress on creating the network of organisations we call Peace Bank and how you and your organisation  can benefit from joining the network.

Those who share a personal engagement in organisations that one way or another promote peace looking to explore  opportunities in collaboration.

Stephen Hinton, Co-Founder Invest in Peace
Peter Boiu, Co-Founder of Invest in Peace


  • Why peace is needed more than ever
  • Opportunities the Bank opens for you and your organisation
  • Current members
  • How we work
  • Building a safe, dignified house for humanity: Our shared operational and fiduciary goal


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