Webinar replay: helping farmers help us towards sustainability

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 Host: Invest in Peace http://investinpeace.tssef.se

Theme:  Where climate-friendly farmers need investment
Objectives: To hear progress from India involving some 20,000 farmers with achieving climate and friendly food production – bringing functioning soils, carbon mitigation and food security
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Modern technology together with  advances in organic farming mean that we can not only help farmers transition to regenerative agriculture, we can also measure environmental performance – on local, regional and national levels. New thinking, investment and new infrastructure  and links to markets are needed.  Done right, this transition will benefit all – farmers, communities and those dependent on the food. Food security is one pillar of peace. Investment in sustainable food supply is an investment in peace, too. And with peace comes prosperity.

The Environmental Defense Fund – led in the Asia Region by Director Richie Ahuja – has come a long way in Asia and offers a wealth of experience for organisations assisting the transition to regenerative food production not only in Asia but also in other parts of the world.

People working with food production on a practical and or policy level, and those interested in exploring investment needs and opportunities in the area.


Richie Ahuja

Regional Director, Environmental Defense Fund, Asia

HOSTS: Stephen Hinton, and Rishabh Khanna, Co-Founders Invest in Peace


  • The Four Dimensions of Peace
  • Climate smart farming
  • Getting climate smart food to market in a sustainable way.
  • Measuring environmental performance
  • Investment needs and opportunities


Richie Ahuja is an expert in business development strategies and spearheads EDF’s engagement in India. He helped to catalyze the formation of other institutions such as Indian Youth Climate Network (IYCN), India’s largest youth network on climate change, and Climate Parliament, and independent multi party body of elected leaders focused on addressing climate change in the country.

Richie was a founding member of the Fair Climate Network, a network of NGOs that have worked together to test scalable low carbon rural development approaches such as deploying clean cooking systems. He helped to facilitate the domestic offset program of IndiGo Airlines, India’s largest carrier, which allows passengers to offset their climate pollution from travel, and linked this effort with the FCN to generate carbon finance for capital expenditures required for deploying low-carbon technologies. Richie is also a leading voice on “climate smart” agricultural practices, both within India and at the global level, through initiatives such as the Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture, which EDF was integral in launching.

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