Peace Promoter: CREATORS OF PEACE ( C o P )


Name: Creators of Peace (CoP)

Type: Initiative under Initiatives of Change. Initiatives of Change is a global NGO.

Mission Statement:

to engage women in their role as creators of peace at every level of society

Peace-promoting activities:

  • Creating a transformative space for interpersonal, interethnic and inter-religious dialogues based on the sharing of personal experience and information in a variety of forums, around conference tables, boardroom tables and kitchen tables.
  • Workshops for moral and spiritual capacity building to explore the dynamic of a change of heart.
  • The practice of deep reflection or listening to the inner voice of truth, or God, as a source of direction.
  • Promotion of Peace Circles – small, localized community gatherings of women who together work through material especially designed to deepen their friendship and understanding of each other and their peace creating capabilities. One aim of these Peace Circles is to identify issues in the community with a potential for conflict and then resolve to take common action.
  • Locally based initiatives that bring people together in community building activities.

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