Peace Promotor: The Green Party of Albuquerque Metropolitan Area


Name: The Green Party of Albuquerque Metropolitan Area  GPAMA 
Type:  Local Political Party

Mission Statement:

To promote the  Four Pillars: non-violence, ecological wisdom, social justice and grassroots democracy, the value basis of the Green Party. Along with an additional six statements, they form the heart of The Party’s platform in Ten Key Values.

Peace-promoting activities:

Driving Policy development in Albuquerque towards the four pillars and ten values that underpin the development of a peaceful society.

Peace Bank Status: Registered, unverified. Learn more about status here

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Peace Promoter: The Institute of Swedish Safety and Security


Name: The Institute of Swedish Safety and Security

Type:  Not-for-profit association under Swedish Law

Mission Statement:

ISSS mission is to ensure preparedness in event of natural, man-made crisis, disasters or act of terrorism through risk analysis and mitigation- helping communities become safer and more secure in the future.

Peace-promoting activities:

The ISSS Program 2014 – 2020 increases local resilience in:

  • Local Fuel Security
  • Local Energy Security
  • Local Community Safety & Security
  • Integrity of Critical Infrastructure & Services
  • Local Economy

Peace Bank Status: Registered, Verified. Learn more about status here

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Investor in Peace: the Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation


Name: The Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation

Type: A nonprofit public foundation created in 1995.

Mission Statement:  The Foundation works with policy makers to offer systemic approaches and solutions to the challenge of developing society in a sustainable way.

Peace-promoting activities: Human rights policy, food security policy

Short description:

For governments and authorities to serve citizens well, we believe they need access to a broad spectrum of reliable sources of advice. This is especially true when crafting policy at a systemic level. The Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation has been in operation since 1995 to offer alternative, sustainable views of economic policy. Our own experts and network of  thought leaders offers extensive insights into alternative approaches to sustainable prosperity.